Unisea Audit

Easy to use tool for creation and followup of all types of audit reports like internal and external, vettings etc. Includes analysis capabilities, exports and workflow both on shore and on the vessel.

An Audit Reporting and followup solution. The company can define it’s own Audit types like Internal, ISM, External, Port state, Vetting etc., and finding references like QA procedure(s), ISO, ISM, ISPS, VIQ ++. You can create Audit plans that synchronize out to the vessels, and the master is also notified by email automatically of the planned audit.

You can do analyses on the findings based on the references mentioned above, by Cause / root cause, by Auditor, Auditor’s company, and more.

Findings from an Audit can be delegated and processed individually based limit date and delegated person. The office have summary analysis reports and several export options like Corrective Action Plan,  Corrective Action Summary etc