Vibration Measurements

Allgo QMS performs vibration measurement on ships, platforms and rigs

If you need measurements of noise, vibration and lightning, please ask us.
We do such measurements on land industry, vessels, floating rigs and platforms.

Background of vibration measurement on ships and rigs

The standard ISO 6954:2000 provides guidelines for the measurement, reporting and evaluation of vibration with regard to habitability on passenger and merchant ships.
It is applicable for all rooms where persons may stay.


Measurement and Evaluation

For evaluation the ship is classified into three zones:

• passenger cabins

• crew rooms

• working area

Measuring locations need to be selected in sufficient numbers on all decks where persons may stay. The measurement is performed in three axes.

First measurements should be made preferably during acceptance inspection of the ship.

Precondition for the collection of comparable vibration measurement values are uniform conditions:

• Clear run and straight course

• Constant typical propulsion power

• Sea state not more than 3

• Propeller completely under water

• Depth of water at least five times the draft of the ship

ISO 6954 contains guide values at which complaints and long term health problems are likely to occur.

All measurement will be added in a complete report where recommended measurement are compared to actual readings.

Allgo QMS could also be assisting with suggestions for actions and improvements.