KPI Preparation

In selecting Key Performance Indicators, it is critical to limit them to those factors that are essential to the organization reaching its goals. It is also important to keep the number of Key Performance Indicators small just to keep everyone’s attention focused on achieving the same KPI’s. Once you have good Key Performance Indicators defined, ones that reflect your organization’s goals, one that you can measure, what do you do with them? You use Key Performance Indicators as a performance management tool, but also as a carrot. KPIs give everyone in the organization a clear picture of what is important, of what they need to make happen. You use that to manage performance. You make sure that everything the people in your organization do is focused on meeting or exceeding those Key Performance Indicators. You also use the KPIs as a carrot. Post the KPIs everywhere: in the lunch room, on the walls of every conference room, on the company intranet, even on the company web site for some of them. Show what the target for each KPI is and show the progress toward that target for each of them. People will be motivated to reach those KPI targets.

What we can do for your company

All too often business owners are perplexed by the unexpected swings that occur in their sales and production levels.
The fact is, to solely concentrate on the end result can often be misleading – it is like focusing on the symptoms instead of the problems.
We can assist you setting up and measure specific critical indicators to let you know exactly where your business stands at a moments notice. By monitoring these indicators on a regular basis, you will have more control over where your business is headed and know exactly what to do to avoid the cyclical variations in your results. We will help you identify and measure your KPI’s. We will also follow up in intervalls to ensure that measurement and use of KPI’s are done.