Polar Code Integration Project at Allgo QMS

Polar Code, be prepared

Polar Code, which IMO is currently developing, will cover the full range of design, construction, equipment, operational, training, search and rescue and environmental protection matters relevant to ships operating in the inhospitable waters around our two poles. On November 2014, the Polar Code was approved by the MSC, but will be tabled in the assembly in December 2014 and the MEPC in 2015 for final approval. 
Even if approved in 2015, it will come into effect only in 2017 for new ships and 2018 for existing ships.
For the shipping industry this means that ships which is already under planning and build should be prepared for the Polar Code now (if it is intended to go in Polar areas).

We are in this project preparing amendments to existing Safety Management Systems, checklists, and internal audit programs to help you preparing for The Polar Code.

If you need help in evaluating how The Polar Code will effect you, contact us!


Kjell Erik Olaisen

Email: k.e.olaisen@allgo-quality.com



IMO Polar Code