Bridging Document

A Bridging Document has been prepared as a single reference document in order to bridge between the Management Systems during the charter for special operations. This document  ensures that all aspects required for the safe operation have been adequately addressed. It is seen as a key product of the on-board Management Systems and “bridges” the management control procedures of Owner and Client. The document bridges Owner and Client as the active parties during the operation of the ship within the operation.
This document applies to the total operation of the vessel when this is used as (description removed) platform. It includes the interfacing with charterer, client or other third party supplied, covering the all phases of the operation.

The contents of a bridging document should include, or reference, but are not limited to the following

• Project title and revision status

• Circulation list and authorization signatures

• Project overview including dates and contract arrangements

• Combined operation organization chart

• Identification and allocation of key personnel roles and responsibilities

• Communication contact numbers for key personnel and worksites

• Identification of the relevant work scopes and procedures

• Management of change process, and identification of approval levels

• Emergency and contingency procedures including clarification of primacy

• List of referenced documentation including revision status

• Work control system

• Applicable permit to work system for the intended work

• Combined marine operations

• Field logistics and support

• Helicopter operations

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