Unisea, our partner in Maritime Software

UniSea is a software and consultancy house with a dedicated shipping focus, situated on the west coast of Norway. The company was founded in 1997.

Their main product is UniSea Suite, which is a fully integrated solution for HSE, QA and operation support for shipping and offshore companies. It helps companies improve their internal workflow processes through tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of the industry.

Allgo Quality Management Services relation to Unisea

Allgo Quality Management Services has been working towards Unisea and their software with clients and know them as “Top of the Line” when coming to product usability, quality and service. If you need project leader during implementation or just help to the workflow, ask us.


Unisea Logo

Unisea Suite

UniSea Start gives you a customized portal to the UniSea system, and will only show you what you need when you need it.

A growing problem for all computer users today is information overload. We drown in emails, documentation and more regulations. To make things worse, you often have to go on a “search and discover” mission to find what you need to do, in many different systems. The result is longer processing time for reports, increased noize intgernaly do to missed deadlines, and a general frustration over software solutions that have a lot of functionality, but does not help you get the work done.

UniSea Start is our way of addressing this problem.

By streamlining all information related to your specific role in the company, we take away all the noise and present the things you need to read or take action on, directly on your start page. When you finnish a report, it moves from your action list to the next person in the workflow or to archive, depending on the spesific report.