Unisea PTW

Simplefied registration and followup of PTWs onboard with an easy to use form and approval cycle. PTWs is maybe the most important tool for preventing serious accidents onboard, so simplifying this process makes a big difference.UniSea PTW (Permit to Work) works as a dynamic form were the user only sees the boxes/fields etc that are relevant based on his selections in the start of the report. Things like: Hot work, work aloft, use of dangerous substances, work in confined spaces etc.


Also there is a form for ICC and Mechanical ICC as well registration of Gas monitoring. The PTW can be connected to QA procedures, Risk Assessments, SJA, and Toolbox talk.

You also can define location responsible and have a workflow for approving PTWs.

An important point is that PTW configurations can be vessel spesific so you can meet the needs of different complexety on vessels.

Instead of a manual whitboard, you can have a screen with a live updated status for all active PTWs. Better control on PTW closing, more use in the engine room, the ability to monitor PTW-use on board from the office and also do statistics.