Unisea HSE

Incident reporting solution with a lot of capabilities. Workflow, mail notifications, analysis and exports. The key thing is our focus on the vessel user. Easy to use, no visual noice, and covers all your needs.ept in the SIRE database to determine if the vessel candidate exposes the oil major to unacceptable risk.UniSea HSE is an improvement system with reports for Incidents, Bulletins, Circular Letters, Experience Transfers, Experience Feedbacks, Meeting Reports and more.

Through easy registration, workflow, mail notifications and analytics, your company will have an efficient way of managing continuous improvement in the company. PDF export of incident reports simplifies keeping clients and partners in the loop as well.

Create and configure factor jobs in our UniSea KPI tool to track LTI, TRCF, TRIF etc, for as many factor types and definitions you like, and get automated statistics and trends.

UniSea HSE – Safety ObservationUniSea HSE – Safety Observation in an expansion to UniSea HSE for stop-card reporting that can be managed onboard. There is also a report generator for creating summary reports for use in Safety meetings on board.UniSea HSE – DP ReportUniSea HSE – DP Report is an expansion to UniSea HSE that includes a form for registering and analyzing incidents related to DP operations. The form is based on the guidelines from IMCA.