ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 9001, Quality management systems – Requirements is part of the standard series ISO 9000, Quality management systems . The standard describes the overall requirements for businesses wishing to become certified according to this standard series. A quality system is a management system that will help reduce errors and defects in a product or service . In many companies there are legal requirements for quality assurance. Other businesses will also benefit from working systematically with quality. We can assist your company in developing and implementing quality systems that meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

Goals :

  • The company achieves better results and become more competitive.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through continuous prevention of errors.
  • A better view of where in the work process value creation takes place.
  • Strengthen own market position .
  • Fewer complaints from customers, increased job satisfaction


Five process areas :

  • Management’s responsibility
  • Process reviews
  • Resource Management
  • Realization of product / service
  • Measurement , analysis and improvement.

What we can do for you :

  • Identify processes. Outline what processes are working and which ones should be improved. Develop a process map that gives a visual and clear picture of how value creation in a complex business works.
  • Initiate improvement projects.
  • Create polls and statistics.
  • Internal audits .
  • Involve employees in efforts to introduce a quality system into the company. Good ownership of processes give better results.

Aimed at :

All businesses that want improvement of product, process , work environment, greater profits and that will document compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations.